Health Insurance Policy no GHPL-UAB ARG-20087-1&2

Submitted by: Menda.nageswara Rao
Business/Organization: Uni Customer Officer, United India Insurance Co.Ltd, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad
Submission Number: 504
Amount loss/claim: Rs. 7000


Sub :- AB Arogyadaan(United India Insurance Co. Ltd -Good Health Plan Limited)

-GHPL-UAB ARG-20087-1&2 Rectify as Continuation Policy-Request -


I, M.Nageswara rao joined yearly AB Arogyadaan Family health policy no : 050400/48/ 07/ 41/ 00000075 from 24/12/2007 with premium amount of Rs. 1856/- in the Certificate of Insurance bond not mentioned about break policy and how to fix the amount for future premiums.

I am not receving any notice, or message from your United India Insurance or said Andhra Bank branch for renewal of premium policy. I am regularly renew ling every year my policy with the guidance of Assistant Manager( Mr Vegreswarao) in said Andhra Bank branch. I paid premiums Rs 1856/- in the years Dec,2007& Dec,2008 by cash. From Dec, 2009 keeping amount in A/C no 000810025000163, Cust. ID 14869088 by directly through net banking.

I approached to Assistant Manager (Mr Vegeswara rao) in said branch on 20th December 2011 for paying renewal amount. He was stated, pay last year premium Rs.2036/-. Hence I was paid 2100/-on 20/12/2011 for renewal of policy period 24/12/2012 to 23/12/2013.

I approached said branch on 18/1/2012 for receiving the renewal policy health cards and met Mr. Vegreswarao stated that The policy premium amount was not transferred through net banking hence you need to pay in addition to premium amount. Immediately I was paid 1500/ than premium amount 2432/-transferred through net banking.

United India Insurance has issued AB Arogyadaan health cards GHPL UAB-ARG-20087-1 & 2 as fresh policy and premium period 18/1/2012 to 17/1/2013 on card. I shocked because I have paid regularly since 2007 to till this premium.

United India Certificate of Insurance bond there is not mentioned about break policy and how to fix policy premium every year. And also not intimating about premium about by letter or message and also while paying premium amount not given good guidance, than how can I pay premium amount?

I sent to Grievance /Complaint Redressal Official, Uni customer officer, United India Insurance Co.Ltd, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad for rectify as continuation policy two letters (on 16/6/2012 & on 24/8/2012) by registered post (received Acknowledgments) but did not receive any reply from them till today. Hence I am submitting to you

Hence I request to rectify the policy health cards GHPL-UAB-ARG-20087-1&2 as continuation policy and send as early as possible .

Yours faithfully,

M.Nageswara rao, 15-10-2012, Cotton Peta Road

Dowlaiswaram, E.G.Dt ,A.P, 533125

Ph: 9491303216


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28 Oct 2013


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